The Great Outdoors

Sherwood offers ample opportunities for staying active. Exploring the 20+ miles of trails will take you into the silences and shadows that calm the soul and feed the spirit. Some of the trails climb steeply, with heart-pumping results. Other trails meander along streams and lakes, offering a more restful experience.


Swimming in the cool lakes on a hot day can be heavenly. Or maybe you will paddle a canoe to explore the lake and the plants that grow along the bank. You might see a huge snapping turtle, a flotilla of ducks, or bass swimming below the surface. Cast a line, and see what bites.

Golf at Sherwood is a little different. This Audubon-certified, 18-hole, par 3 course is lined with bluebird boxes. Some of the roughs are wildflower beds. Almost half of the course lies along the banks of the Little River. And then there are the llama caddies…

LlamasSherwood’s llamas gained celebrity status after appearing on CNN. These gentle animals live nearby, and are specially-trained to carry golf clubs and bags. Golfing with a llama is a memorable experience for anyone, but is a unique treat for a grandchild or visiting guest.

Or you can bike…or you can train for a marathon…or you can play tennis…or you can kayak down the French Broad River…or you can fly fish…how much time do you have?