Robin Hood Barn

July 4th Picnic Robin Hood BarnThe Robin Hood Barn has a long history of music, theater and dance.  There is probably no better symbol for this community than this large, chestnut building which has remained—through careful tending—from the days when Sherwood was a working farm.  (The current golf course was once grazing fields for cattle).

Summer picnics draw hundreds of residents and their families for music, good food and games.  Children take center stage at the 4th of July celebration—with a flag parade, water balloons, bubble blowers, and magicians.  A putting contest is the traditional finish to the day’s events.

Residents gather for the annual membership meeting at the barn—a chance to greet newcomers, hear about Association projects, and vote on issues affecting the community.  Every other year, the forest holds a flea market in the barn, with proceeds supporting local charities.

This rustic old building has seen a lot of weddings and receptions, square dances, cookouts and family gatherings. The Barn is available for private occasions by rental to SFHA members only.