Lifelong Learning

Visiting and resident naturalists lead walks to acquaint residents with the rich diversity of this forest. Where do mushrooms come from? What is the difference in a red and gray fox? (The gray ones can climb trees). Learning more about the natural wonders around us is one of the great pleasures in Sherwood Forest.

Expert speakers talk about geology, ferns, mushrooms, bird behavior.  Residents enjoy comparing notes about wildlife observations, interesting plants and bird activity in the area. A monthly newsletter also reports bird and animal sightings, along with the social activities of our human residents.

White SquirrelA year-long series of “Instant Culture” lectures explores topics as diverse as the global flower industry, ancestry searches, the real St. Patrick, and genetic modification of food crops for developing nations. Tapping the knowledge base of our resident population is a way of learning from each other and getting to know each better.  Presentations and discussions keep our interests sharp and wide-ranging.

 University level  and continuing education courses are offered locally at Blue Ridge Community College and UNC-Asheville.