Forest Life

To live in Sherwood Forest is to live in nature. Being surprised, being filled with astonishment, being curious! Experiencing and learning every day. Viewing the mist, experiencing an inky dark sky with a thousand stars, seeing and hearing a sparkling waterfall deep in the woods, watching a fox coming up your sidewalk or hearing the haunting calls of whippoorwills at dusk or the hoots of owls all night, or hearing the chirping frogs, and seeing deer everywhere, and then observing the slow walk of a turtle.

And then there are the people in the forest. Borrowing sugar from neighbors, holding a key to their house, receiving a fistful of birthday cards in the mailbox, enjoying holiday picnics with pie contests and water balloons. Learning about llamas and biogenics, hearing haunting bagpipe melodies, enjoying a graceful Korean dance at the Barn.